Jesus told us to love God and love others. We express our love for God and others in our words and actions, by praying, thanking, encouraging, helping, serving and giving.

Giving creates many blessings for God, others, and ourselves. Giving places us in right relationship with God, symbolizing our reliance on Him, rather than money, for our provision and blessing. Giving shows our love for God, as we obey Him by honoring His instruction to offer to Him the first fruits of our labors. The tithe, traditionally 10% of our income, is for some people a standard of giving to the church, while others consider it a worthy goal. Giving in any amount supports God’s work in the world through the church, as it shares the love of Christ and helps those in need.

Money donated to Christ Church supports church functions or ministries, or is shared directly with worthy ministries or missions in our community and around the world. In addition to money donated to church operations, additional cash offerings are often donated 100% to specific needs, as indicated in our church bulletin, such as children, housing, the persecuted church, and the ministers’ discretionary funds, which are used to help individuals in need.

How to Give

  1. By Check.  You can drop a check made out to Christ Church Anglican in the offering plate during services, in the deposit box outside the accountant’s door, or in the mail, addressed to Christ Church Anglican, Attn: Accountant, 5501 N. Midkiff Rd., Midland, TX 79705.  If you would like your donation to go towards a specific ministry, please note it in the memo field.

  2. By ACH.  If you would like to give a set amount every month, Lin can set it up where it goes through automatically (and can be paused or canceled by request).  Contact Lin at 432-683-9292 or by email at

  3. By Online Giving.  If you would prefer to give online, that is now an option!  Click here for online giving.  There is a 3% fee (charged to the church) on credit card transactions.