Simple Secrets of the Kingdom

Simple Secrets of the Kingdom is a Bible study series addressing the basic truths of the Christian faith. In Simple Secrets, you don’t just hear about the Bible, you’ll learn from practical illustrations about how the Bible speaks directly to the issues of your life. Its 26 segments may be viewed sequentially or according to your interest in the topics each segment covers.

Simple Secrets was developed by Lutheran Pastor James Otterness in the 1960’s and recorded as a video series by Skip Hedgpeth, Bible teacher at Christ Church.

“I was a new Christian and in desperate need of good Biblical, foundational teaching,” said Skip Hedgpeth. “I loved how Simple Secrets deals so practically with complicated Biblical issues, such as creation, sin, suffering, the cross, resurrection, baptism, communion and the second coming of Jesus.”

Simple Secrets changed Skip’s life. “This series became the Biblical foundation for my life, my work, my ministries and my relationships,” Skip said.

“Shortly before dying of cancer several years ago, Pastor Otterness asked me to record Simple Secrets so that his work would continue after he was gone,” Skip said. “I was greatly blessed to do this, and I hope you will be blessed as you watch Simple Secrets of the Kingdom.”

Rev. James Otterness (1923-2011) served as a Naval Aviator during World War II. Educated as an electrical engineer, he worked for General Electric, and married Adeline Prottengeier. After attending Luther Seminary in Minnesota, he pastored congregations in South Dakota and Nebraska. He moved to Odessa in 1960, where he helped establish Lutheran Church of the Risen Lord. In 1985, he moved to Midland and helped start Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, where he served for 10 years.

Pastor Otterness taught Simple Secrets of the Kingdom for more than 40 years. He established Good News Ministries, and broadcast his Bible studies on cable television throughout much of the country. He also published studies on Mark, Romans, Colossians and Revelation. In 1984 he received the Heritage of Odessa Foundation’s First Annual Award for Excellence in Community Service.1

1 Biographical information from Odessa American, March 6, 2011.

Click the PLAYLIST tab on the top left corner of the video screen to select individual sessions. Each session will auto play following the conclusion of the previous video.


  1. I really love this Bible study! It is very practical and applicable. It makes each day better. Thank you!

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