Spring Adult Education

Spring Adult Education

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Adult Education


Wednesdays                 Starting Jan 4

Discovery Bible Study 

Grow your faith & learn to share it through brief, targeted Bible readings & discussion.  You’ll strengthen your faith for everyday living, & see how you can share this simple approach to help others find faith or grow.  Facilitated by Fr. Jonathan, room A.


Discover Your SHAPE

Discover the special mission God has for you through your Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality & Experiences.  Facilitated by Fr. Henry, Parlor.


Sundays Starting Jan 8

The Promised Land

See how God hears, speaks & acts to save His people, yesterday & today, through Joshua, Judges, & Ruth.  Facilitated by Skip Hedgpeth, room A.


Fearless Relationships

Improve your relationships at home, in friendships or at work, through Karen Casey’s book Fearless Relationships & Biblical examples.  Facilitated by Kathy Robbins & Fr. Jonathan, room B



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