Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry

You do not hear a lot about our Stephen Ministry Program because of the confidentiality of the service we provide.  Therefore, we wish to update you on this important program.  We are entering our fourth year and I am proud to say we are doing good things and working as planned.  At present, all our available Stephen Ministers have care receivers.  We have three Stephen Ministers who due to health or personal matters are unable to work with anyone at this time.  We hope to have them back soon.  We have potential care receivers we are contacting, but are constantly looking for new people who can use our service.

You may ask “What can I do to help?” We ask each of you to be aware of the needs of people around you that could use a Stephen Minister. Care Receivers do not have to belong to Christ Church. We offer our service to anyone who needs our help. If you are not comfortable with talking to them, please give us their names and contact information and we will call them. Feel free to contact our Stephen Leaders or our Clergy if you know of a potential care receiver or would like to know more about Stephen Ministry.

If you feel led to be a Stephen Minister, please let us know, and we will let you know when our next class will be.

Leaders:  Lyn Purdy 432-853-8433

Joyce Petrich 432-230-9121

Clergy:    Fr. Henry or Fr. Jonathan at 432-683-9292


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March 01, 2020

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