Mission Statement

Strong Family Initiative

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Christ Church’s Strong Family Initiative is to bring glory to God, by strengthening families in our church and community.

We will do so by offering Biblical truth to meet their needs, such as in relationship-building, marriage, parenting, financial management, and recovery; by sharing Christ, through personal relationship, evangelism and discipleship; and by encouraging them in faith and family life, through fellowship.

We will serve families by equipping single adults who are preparing for family life; younger families balancing the demands of marriage, parenting and career; and families with particular needs, such as single parents, extended family care-givers, and foster and adoptive families.

We will disseminate Biblical truth and wisdom through conferences, classes, and support meetings.  We will provide ongoing fellowship, accountability and care by fostering intentional relationships, mentoring opportunities, and fellowship/discipleship groups, which are grounded in the Bible, and embolden families to walk in the truth they have learned.

We will coordinate with ministries in our church family, such as Children’s, Youth, Men’s, and Women’s ministries, to offer parent and family events to invite participation and foster relationships.

We will partner with churches, ministries, and agencies to more effectively reach families in need.