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What Is The Purpose Of A Youth Ministry and Youth Activities?

There is nothing more important than having a personal, committed, ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ. At T3, we’re here to help with the introductions.


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What Are The Goals Of T3?

T3 strives to live in obedience to our parish’s motto, “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known.” With that goal in mind, we serve the Lord by providing teenagers and young adults with opportunities to find a new life in Jesus Christ, to enjoy the friendship of other Christians, to grow and mature in their faith, to discover their spiritual gifts and ministry, to strengthen and challenge their faith by sharing it with others, and to honor the Lord with their lives by being a light to those who are perishing in darkness.


What Does T3 Stand For?

T3 takes its name from Jesus’ statement in John 14:6 – “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” We believe it, we live it, and we share it.


What Does T3 Do?

As a microcosm of our parish’s ministry, we offer teenagers and young adults a variety of programs, events, and experiences that encompass praise and worship, prayer and thanksgiving, Bible study and discussion, fun, fellowship, topical Christian education, evangelism, discipleship, and challenging mission activities.


Who Can Attend Christ Church Anglican’s Youth Ministry Activities?

T3 activities at Christ Church Anglican are open to all students and their friends in grades 7 and up. Students in 6th grade are welcome to participate with the permission of their parents and the Youth Minister.


What Does T3 Offer Junior & Senior High School Students?

T3 offers a full slate of exciting activities designed to meet students’ needs wherever they may be in their spiritual walk. At present, our calendar includes:

· SUNDAY NIGHT T3 MEETINGS in the Youth Houses at Christ Church Anglican from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Doors open at 6:30 PM.

· JR. & SR. HIGH SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES in the Youth Houses from 9:45 AM to 10:30 AM.

· PRAISE & WORSHIP SERVICES throughout the year.

· GIRLS’ & GUYS’ BIBLE STUDIES on Wednesday nights in the Youth Houses from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

· MOVIE/ GAME/SPORTS NIGHTS usually on the 1st Saturday of the month from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

· SPECIAL EVENTS, including summer and winter retreats, theme parties, Christian concerts and conferences, sporting events, camping trips, and guest speakers.

· CHRISTIAN MISSION & SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES in New Mexico, Arizona, Midland, and other areas of the United States.


How Does T3 Reach Out To Others?

Evangelism and mission work are important components of T3. Students are equipped and encouraged to witness to, share with, and minister to their peers at all times and in all situations. Those students who are seeking, and are ready for, additional challenges can become involved in a variety of local and regional mission opportunities. We are also involved in a ministry partnership with a missions organization that ministers among the Zuni, Navajo, Apache, and Hopi people in New Mexico and Arizona. Through this partnership, T3 is involved in a range of evangelistic and ministry activities.


Why Does T3 Offer Opportunities For Evangelism And Mission Work?

While the primary purposes of T3’s outreaches are the evangelism and spiritual growth of others, these ministries also greatly benefit our own students. Many of our students’ lives have been radically transformed as a result of their experiences, particularly those who have served on our Native American Ministry Teams. They have learned that, by walking in Jesus’ footsteps, they can be used by the Lord to touch and transform the lives of others. They have learned how prayer and obedience to the Lord can help them overcome very difficult problems and obstacles. And, since they take a major role in planning and running these outreaches, they have learned that, although Christian leadership and ministry can be demanding, they can also be rewarding beyond belief.


What Does T3 Offer College Students And Other Young Adults?

T3 offers opportunities for Bible study and fellowship during the school year and over the summer. College students and other young adults receive regular mailings of a special student newsletter (“Fast Forward”) as well as “care packages” throughout the semester.


How Does T3 Support Parents?

T3 is a ministry to and with the parents of teenagers, as well as to the teenagers themselves. We want to provide parents with the support, encouragement, and assistance they need to faithfully and effectively carry out the responsibilities the Lord has given them. Through regular Parents’ Meetings, guest speakers, seminars, our “Partners” newsletter, and counseling, we try to equip parents for the very difficult task of raising Christian teenagers in a non-Christian world.


How Can I Keep Track Of What’s Going On At T3?

T3 publishes a monthly newsletter, “Christ Church Youth News,” which contains a complete listing of all current T3 meetings, activities, and special events. A listing of current T3 activities and events also appears  in Weekly Connections and every month in “The Vine,” Christ Church Anglican’s newsletter. T3 also has Facebook page (“T3 – The Youth Ministry of Christ Church Anglican”), where we post information about our activities and special events. Ask Tom to invite you to the Facebook page.


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