Vestry Election Results

Thank you to our outgoing Vestry members:

  • LaNell Honeyman
  • Debby Scarborough
  • Helen Shelton
  • Gail Wacker

Congratulations to our newly-elected Vestry members:

  • Lucia Gray
  • Mitch Malouf
  • Bouasavanh Nhoy
  • Lee Robbins
  • Patti Lindsey (will be serving for the remaining 2 years of Jubel Reed’s Vestry term)

Thank you to our outgoing Nominating Committee:

  • Simon Barr
  • Thea McCarthy
  • Rob Montgomery
  • Diane Utsman

Congratulations for our newly-elected Nominating Committee:

  • Tevis Herd
  • LaNell Honeyman
  • Debby Scarborough
  • Barbara Williams

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