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September Preaching Series: Jonah Preacher: Fr. Henry Sunday, September 11: God Said “Go”  Jonah said “No” Sunday, September 18: The God of Second Chances Sunday, September 25: God’s Messenger, God’s Message Sunday, October 2: Revival Then and Now

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Fall Kickoff

Fall Kickoff

Fall Kick-Off, Wednesday, September 7 & Sunday, September 11 Wednesday, September 7 5:15 pm              Eucharist 5:45                    Family Dinner 6:30                    Activities for All Ages Adults, 6:30: The Exodus Witness history & faith unfold in the...

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New Service Times

New Service Times

New Sunday Schedule Starting Sunday, September 11   8:30 am    Traditional Worship 9:45 am    Sunday School for All Ages 10:45 am  Family Worship

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Cathe Leggott

Where Are You Spiritually?

How Many Bricks Are In Your Backpack?

Free Hugs Are a Good Thing

Where have you been spiritually lately?
“I’ve been focused a lot on my son Robert’s wedding, which was just a few weeks ago. He and Toni met in college, but it wasn’t the right time. She and Robert both went through some challenging times before coming back together. Those difficult experiences enabled Robert to become the man God created him to be.”

 How does that feel, as a parent and as a Christian?
“It’s a great joy to know my son is where God wants Him to be. I’m so at peace in my heart. What more can a parent ask than to know that your son belongs to the Lord and is a believer?”

 You attended the Healing Prayer Conference in April.
“Yes. I’m always a little cautious about things like that. I went Friday night thinking if the spirit shows up, I’ll go on Saturday— and that’s exactly what happened. The speaker, Joe Johnson, was so easy to listen to. He helped us understand the importance of prayer. But the thing that took my breath away was the hugs.

“Joe asked people who needed a hug to come forward, so we could affirm and encourage one another. I usually don’t do that kind of thing, but I found myself going up. It was the Holy Spirit. The hugs were serious— warm and strong.”

What did those hugs mean to you?
I’m an only child. I realized afterwards the hugs make me feel like I have brothers and sisters.

“The next day someone came up to me, opened her arms, and said, “I need a mom’s hug.” Once again came that feeling of affirmation, sharing, loving, and giving of yourself to another person. At my stage of life, being older, it made me realize there is still value in me as a person.

“I still have something to give, willingly, freely, and thankfully, that blesses another person. It blesses both of us.”