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Where Are You Spiritually?

How Many Bricks Are In Your Backpack?

Where have you been spiritually lately?
“To tell you the truth, I’ve been pretty broken. We’ve been through some family challenges, like my son Alex going on active duty in Afghanistan for nine months. I think God’s been really working with me, to get me to rely on Him more and more. I can’t do it in my own strength.”

Has anything in particular helped you get through?
“A friend whose son committed suicide said it’s like she carries an invisible backpack wherever she goes. When people come alongside, loving and supporting her, it’s like they take a brick out of her back pack. I have a few things in my back pack. I need people’s love and encouragement, and I want to help lighten the load they’re carrying as they help me with mine.”

But sometimes people don’t want to go too deep.
“Right. Yet now I see through my own challenges that we need to live more authentically. I want to be able to be myself, to love others and let them love me. That means being real about what’s going on, even about painful things, so it’s scary. It’s also an unfolding process. It’s as if Jesus asked me to rely on Him, and I said ok. Then He wanted me to actually trust in Him, through some real difficult times. I said, “Fine. Are we good?” And then He said, “Now I want you to be like me,” by being open about my pain, and helping others with theirs.”

What have you learned from it all?
“I don’t really know what the point of hiding out is anymore. The critics are going to be the critics. We’ve got to let the light in. Otherwise we just stay in darkness. Sometimes it means sharing things that may be embarrassing. But I don’t want to live with darkness anymore.”

If you could tell each of your children one thing as a result of it all, what would it be?
“I love you always and forever, no matter what. God’s love is bigger than both of us, and bigger than any problem we’ll ever encounter.”

What kind of place do you want your church to be?
“Jesus’s command to ‘love our neighbor as yourself’ doesn’t have an exception clause, even when it’s messy. I hope we can be a church that accepts the broken, and is willing to love others like Christ loves us.”

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