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Where Are You Spiritually?

God’s Grace Wins Every Time

Has anything happened lately that’s spiritually significant for you?

“I (Helen) signed up to attend the Healing Power of The Father’s Love Conference with Dr. Joe Johnson at Christ Church. I had heard so many incredible stories from our Healing Prayer Ministers that I wanted to learn more. Then life got in the way and I couldn’t figure out how I was going to fit the conference into my schedule. However, my “little voice” kept saying, “Figure out a way.” So, I found a way to attend.”

What happened?

“Joe gave us a handout entitled Father Dialogues to fill out. We were to fill it out to help us express our heart about our relationship with our fathers, completing statements like I wish …, I miss…, I really enjoyed it when you…, it was painful for me when you…, etc.

“I had a fantastic relationship with my dad, so I thought it would be easy. But when my dad died suddenly about six years ago, I really didn’t get to officially say goodbye, as with a loved one who has a slow decline. I had the perfect Father’s Day Card that never got in the mail. I didn’t call the week he passed away. So I suffered quite a bit of guilt over the last few years. I knew my Dad loved me beyond words and was very proud of me, but I’ve had a hard time working thru my sin of procrastination.

“Then Joe told us to find a partner, face that person, and read our statements to our psuedo Dad figure. My first thought: this is not for me. But the “little voice” popped up again, saying, “You can do this!” I didn’t plan to cry, but tears came as I finally told someone about what I wished I had done before my Dad died. I got my guilt out in the open. Something incredible happened in those moments. I now am guilt free.”

What do you think God is saying to you though all this?

“God knows my heart, and my dad knew my heart for him. But sometimes we have to be reminded of that. As it says in Samuel, ‘Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart’ (I Sam. 16:7). Joe told us that though Peter denied Christ three times, Christ then asked if Peter loved Him three times, allowing Peter to fully affirm the truth in his heart. Jesus enabled me to do that same thing with my dad.

“We all make mistakes, and Satan puts a guilt trip on us. But God’s grace wins every time. Thanks be to God!”